Analysis, Models, Solutions.

Iason is a leader in quantitative analysis and advanced risk methodology, offering a unique mix of know-how
and expertise on the measurement and management of the financial and credit risk of complex financial products.
In addition, Iason provides a suite of essential solutions to meet the fundamental needs of financial Institutions.

Risk Measurement

We employ powerful analytics and advanced tools to better assess the risks of products in your Banking and Trading Book and provide smart solutions to support you in your  measurement and management process.

Regulation Compliance

All our solutions are designed along regulatory guidelines and completely documented to better support your Institution in the audit process and for any  requests from the National and International Supervisor Authorities.

Value for Shareholders

We create value for your Institution by delivering standardized advanced solutions and services supporting an accurate risk assessment, but requiring a limited setup effort, so that you pay the right price to acquire the tools and methodology necessary to assess and manage your portfolios and are correctly rewarded for the risks you take.

Modern Advisory

for the

Financial Institutions of the Future

Functional support

Iason supports financial Institutions in updating and customizing their risk measurement system and merging them within their risk applications.
Iason experienced team provides value to customers with its profound knowledge of modelling and risk management systems.


Iason team presents all necessary skills to evaluate and manage market, credit and liquidity risk, and to develop new risk metrics or to implement stress test analysis both for regulatory and managerial purposes


Besides consulting support to Financial Institutions, Iason provides a number of essential solutions to make its advanced methodology readily available to solve the specific needs of Risk Management and Planning, both for regulatory and managerial purposes.
The solutions are designed with a simple interface, to easily support calculations and analysis, but are based on the most up-to-date methodologies and.